Tuesday, February 18, 2020

"Data Analysis Techniques for Quranic Arabic"

The Quickest Way to The Quran in Malaysia

A discussion on "Data Analysis Techniques for Quranic Arabic" in Oasis at Pinnacle Serenity in Co-Working Space, Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Thanks to Brother Yusuf Latif for his invitation to the discussion. Immense gratitude to Brother Sayeed for hosting the discussion in his corporate co-working space.

The Quranic Data Analysis Techniques included Quranic Corpus Morphological Data Analysis in Excel in association with qurananalysis.com

In the Power Point Presentation, it was shown
How to Extract all Masculine/Feminine Nouns/Adjectives of the Quran with frequency
How to derive Nominative, Accusative and Genitive Nouns/Adjectives with unique forms
How to sort out Masculine Plural and Feminine Plurals of the Quran
How to extract all Active and Passive Participles اسم فاعل و اسم مفعول
How to sort out Verbal Nouns ie Ismi masdar
How to separate PERFECT and IMPERFECT verbs فعل مضارع و فعل ماضي
How to extract verbs with based on different forms ابواب الفعل
How to manipulate the Advanced Morphological Search in Quranic Corpus

and many other data analysis techniques.