Arabic Roots

Unique Verb Roots Arabic With Meanings

Unique Verb Roots Arabic With Meanings

Quranic Arabic Morphology Data 0.4 Analysis returns 891 verb roots, but in the verb concordance given by records 943 verb roots. The difference between rhese two figures is confusing (and unknown to this researcher).

SL Verb Root Translation
1 أَبَقَ ا ب ق to run away, to flee
2 أَبَى ا ب ي to refuse
3 آتَى ا ت ي to give
4 آثَرَ ا ث ر to prefer
5 ٱسْتَـْٔجَرْ ا ج ر to hire
6 أَجَّلَ ا ج ل to appoint
7 أَخَذَ ا خ ذ to take, to seize
8 أَخَّرَ ا خ ر to delay, to give respite
9 يُؤَدِّ ا د ي to discharge, to deliver
10 أَذِنَ ا ذ ن to permit
11 أُوذِىَ ا ذ ي to harm, to trouble
12 آزَرَ ا ز ر to strengthen
13 تَؤُزُّ ا ز ز to incite
14 أَزِفَتِ ا ز ف to approach
15 تَأْسِرُ ا س ر to take captive
16 أَسَّسَ ا س س to found
17 ءَاسَفُ ا س ف to anger
18 تَأْسَ ا س و to grieve
19 أُفِكَ ا ف ك to delude, to turn away
20 أَفَلَ ا ف ل to set
21 أَكَلَ ا ك ل to eat, to consume
22 أَلَتْ ا ل ت to deprive
23 أَلَّفَ ا ل ف to join, to reconcile
24 يَأْلَمُ ا ل م to suffer
25 يَأْلُ ا ل و to spare
26 أَمَرَ ا م ر to order, to command
27 ءَامَنَ ا م ن to believe
28 ءَانَسَ ا ن س to perceive
29 يَأْنِ ا ن ي to come (time)
30 أَوِّبِ ا و ب to repeat
31 يَـُٔودُ ا و د to tire
32 ءَاوَىٰٓ ا و ي to give shelter
33 أَيَّدَ ا ي د to support, to strengthen
34 بِئْسَ ب ا س to be wretched, to be evil
35 يُبَتِّكُ ب ت ك to cut off
36 تَبَتَّلْ ب ت ل to devote
37 بَثَّ ب ث ث to disperse
38 ٱنۢبَجَسَتْ ب ج س to gush, to flow
39 يَبْحَثُ ب ح ث to search, to scratch
40 يَبْخَسْ ب خ س to diminish, to deprive
41 بَخِلَ ب خ ل to be stingy, to withhold
42 بَدَأَ ب د ا to begin, to originate
43 ٱبْتَدَعُ ب د ع to innovate
44 بَدَّلَ ب د ل to change
45 يُبْدِىَ ب د و to reveal, to disclose
46 تُبَذِّرْ ب ذ ر to squander, to waste
47 تَبَرَّأَ ب ر ا to disown
48 تَبَرَّجْ ب ر ج to display
49 أَبْرَحَ ب ر ح to leave, to cease
50 تَبَرُّ ب ر ر to be good, to be kind
51 بَرَزَ ب ر ز to come forth, to go out
52 بَرِقَ ب ر ق to be dazzled, to be frightened
53 تَبَارَكَ ب ر ك to be blessed
54 أَبْرَمُ ب ر م to determine, to conclude
55 بَسَرَ ب س ر to scowl, to frown
56 بُسَّتِ ب س س to crumble, to crush
57 بَسَطَ ب س ط to extend, to stretch
58 أُبْسِلُ ب س ل to give up to destruction
59 تَبَسَّمَ ب س م to smile
60 بُشِّرَ ب ش ر to give glad tidings
61 أَبْصَرَ ب ص ر to see
62 يُبَطِّئَ ب ط ا to lag behind
63 بَطِرَتْ ب ط ر to take lightly
64 بَطَشْ ب ط ش to seize
65 يُبْطِلَ ب ط ل to make vain, to nullify
66 بَطَنَ ب ط ن to be concealed
67 بَعَثَ ب ع ث to raise, to resurrect, to send
68 بُعْثِرَ ب ع ث ر to overturn, to scatter
69 بَعُدَتْ ب ع د to become distant, to take away
70 ٱبْتَغَىٰ ب غ ي to seek
71 بَقِىَ ب ق ي to remain
72 بَكَتْ ب ك ي to weep
73 يُبْلِسُ ب ل س to despair
74 ٱبْلَعِ ب ل ع to swallow
75 بَلَغَ ب ل غ to reach
76 بَلَوْ ب ل و to test
77 بَنَىٰ ب ن ي to construct, to build
78 بُهِتَ ب ه ت to be bewildered, to be dumbfounded
79 نَبْتَهِلْ ب ه ل to pray humbly
80 بَآءَ ب و ا to incur, to turn back
81 يَبُورُ ب و ر to perish
82 بَيَّتَ ب ي ت to plan by night
83 تَبِيدَ ب ي د to be perished
84 ٱبْيَضَّتْ ب ي ض to become white
85 بَايَعْ ب ي ع to pledge allegiance
86 بَيَّنُ ب ي ن to make clear
87 تَبَّ ت ب ب to perish
88 تَبَّرْ ت ب ر to destory
89 ٱتَّبَعَ ت ب ع to follow
90 أُتْرِفُ ت ر ف to give luxury
91 تَرَكَ ت ر ك to leave
92 أَتْقَنَ ت ق ن to perfect
93 تَلَّ ت ل ل to put down
94 تَلَىٰ ت ل و to recite
95 أَتَمَّ ت م م to fulfill, to complete, to perfect
96 تَابَ ت و ب to repent, to turn
97 يَتِيهُ ت ي ه to wander
98 ثَبَّتْ ث ب ت to make firm
99 ثَبَّطَ ث ب ط to make lag behind
100 أَثْخَن ث خ ن to battle, to subdue
101 ثُقِفُ ث ق ف to find, to gain dominance
102 ثَقُلَتْ ث ق ل to be heavy
103 أَثْمَرَ ث م ر to bear fruit
104 يَثْنُ ث ن ي to fold up
105 أَثَٰبَ ث و ب to reward
106 أَثَارُ ث و ر to raise, to plough
107 يَجْـَٔرُ ج ا ر to cry for help
108 ٱجْتَبَىٰ ج ب ي to choose
109 ٱجْتُثَّتْ ج ث ث to uproot
110 جَحَدُ ج ح د to reject, to deny
111 جَٰدَلُ ج د ل to argue, to dispute
112 جَرَحْ ج ر ح to commit
113 يَجُرُّ ج ر ر to drag
114 يَتَجَرَّعُ ج ر ع to sip
115 أَجْرَمُ ج ر م to commit crime
116 جَرَيْ ج ر ي to flow, to run
117 جَزِعْ ج ز ع to show intolerance, to be perturbed
118 جَزَىٰ ج ز ي to reward, to recompense
119 تَجَسَّسُ ج س س to spy
120 جَعَلَ ج ع ل to make
121 تَتَجَافَىٰ ج ف و to forsake
122 أَجْلِبْ ج ل ب to raise
123 ٱجْلِدُ ج ل د to flog
124 تَجَلَّىٰ ج ل و to reveal
125 يَجْمَحُ ج م ح to run wild
126 جَمَعَ ج م ع to gather, to collect
127 ٱجْتَنَبُ ج ن ب to avoid
128 جَنَحُ ج ن ح to incline
129 جَنَّ ج ن ن to cover
130 جَٰهَدَ ج ه د to strive
131 جَهَرَ ج ه ر to speak loudly
132 جَهَّزَ ج ه ز to furnish
133 يَجْهَلُ ج ه ل to be ignorant
134 ٱسْتَجَابَ ج و ب to answer, to respond
135 يُجِيرُ ج و ر to protect
136 جَاوَزَ ج و ز to cross, to pass beyond
137 جَاسُ ج و س to enter
138 تَجُوعَ ج و ع to be hungry
139 جَآءَ ج ي ا to come
140 أَحْبَبْ ح ب ب to love, to like
141 يُحْبَرُ ح ب ر to delight
142 يَحْبِسُ ح ب س to detain
143 حَبِطَ ح ب ط to become worthless
144 حَآجَّ ح ج ج to argue
145 تُحَدِّثُ ح د ث to report, to narate
146 يُحَآدُّ ح د د to oppose
147 يَحْذَرُ ح ذ ر to fear, to beware
148 حَارَبَ ح ر ب to wage war
149 تَحْرُثُ ح ر ث to sow
150 حَرَصْ ح ر ص to desire
151 حَرِّضِ ح ر ض to urge, to encourage
152 يُحَرِّفُ ح ر ف to distort
153 حَرِّقُ ح ر ق to burn
154 تُحَرِّكْ ح ر ك to move
155 حَرَّمَ ح ر م to forbid, to make unlawful
156 تَحَرَّ ح ر ي to seek
157 يَحْزُن ح ز ن to grieve
158 حَسِبَ ح س ب to think
159 حَسَدَ ح س د to envy
160 يَسْتَحْسِرُ ح س ر to tire
161 أَحَسَّ ح س س to perceive
162 أَحْسَنَ ح س ن to do good
163 حَشَرَ ح ش ر to gather, to raise
164 حَصْحَصَ ح ص ح ص to become manifest
165 حَصَد ح ص د to reap
166 حَصِرَتْ ح ص ر to restrain, to besiege
167 حُصِّلَ ح ص ل to make apparent
168 أَحْصَنَتْ ح ص ن to guard, to protect
169 أَحْصَىٰ ح ص ي to count, to calculate, to enumerate
170 حَضَرَ ح ض ر to approach, to attend
171 يَحُضُّ ح ض ض to feel the urge
172 يَحْطِمَ ح ط م to crush
173 حَفِظَ ح ف ظ to guard, to protect
174 حَفَفْ ح ف ف to border
175 يُحْفِ ح ف و to press
176 حَقَّ ح ق ق to justify, to prove true
177 حَكَمَ ح ك م to judge
178 حَلَفْ ح ل ف to swear
179 تَحْلِقُ ح ل ق to shave
180 أَحَلَّ ح ل ل to make lawful
181 حُلُّ ح ل ي to adorn
182 يُحْمَدُ ح م د to praise
183 حَمَلَ ح م ل to carry, to bear
184 يُحْمَىٰ ح م ي to heat
185 تَحْنَثْ ح ن ث to break oath
186 أَحْتَنِكَ ح ن ك to destroy
187 ٱسْتَحْوَذَ ح و ذ to overcome, to have advantage
188 يُحَاوِرُ ح و ر to talk
189 أَحَاطَ ح و ط to surround, to encompass
190 حَالَ ح و ل to come
191 تَحِيدُ ح ي د to avoid
192 يَحِضْ ح ي ض to menstruate
193 يَحِيفَ ح ي ف to be unjust
194 حَاقَ ح ي ق to surround, to encompass, to envelope
195 أَحْيَا ح ي ي to give life
196 أَخْبَتُ خ ب ت to be humble
197 خَبُثَ خ ب ث to be bad
198 يَتَخَبَّطُ خ ب ط to confound
199 خَبَتْ خ ب و to subside
200 خَتَمَ خ ت م to seal
201 يَخْدَعُ خ د ع to deceive
202 يَخْذُلْ خ ذ ل to forsake
203 يُخْرِبُ خ ر ب to destroy
204 أَخْرَجَ خ ر ج to bring forth, to drive out
205 خَرَّ خ ر ر to fall
206 يَخْرُصُ خ ر ص to guess, to lie
207 خَرَقَ خ ر ق to falsely attribute, to tear
208 أَخْزَيْ خ ز ي to disgrace
209 ٱخْسَـُٔ خ س ا to be despised
210 خَسِرَ خ س ر to lose
211 خَسَفَ خ س ف to cause to swallow
212 خَشَعَتِ خ ش ع to become humble
213 خَشِىَ خ ش ي to fear
214 يَخْتَصُّ خ ص ص to choose
215 يَخْصِفَ خ ص ف to fasten
216 ٱخْتَصَمُ خ ص م to dispute
217 تَخْضَعْ خ ض ع to be soft
218 أَخْطَأْ خ ط ا to err, to make mistake
219 خَاطَبَ خ ط ب to address
220 تَخُطُّ خ ط ط to write
221 خَطِفَ خ ط ف to snatch
222 يَتَخَٰفَتُ خ ف ت to murmur
223 ٱخْفِضْ خ ف ض to lower
224 خَفَّفَ خ ف ف to lighten
225 أُخْفِىَ خ ف ي to conceal, to hide
226 يَخْلُدْ خ ل د to live forever
227 أَخْلَصُ خ ل ص to choose, to be sincere
228 ٱخْتَلَطَ خ ل ط to join, to absorb, to mingle
229 ٱخْلَعْ خ ل ع to remove
230 ٱخْتَلَفَ خ ل ف to differ
231 خَلَقَ خ ل ق to create
232 خَلَا خ ل و to pass away
233 خَاضُ خ و ض to engage in idle talk, to converse vainly
234 خَافَ خ و ف to fear, to be afraid
235 خَوَّلَ خ و ل to bestow
236 خَانُ خ و ن to betray
237 خَابَ خ ي ب to fail
238 ٱخْتَارَ خ ي ر to choose
239 يُخَيَّلُ خ ي ل to seem
240 يُدَبِّرُ د ب ر to dispose, to arrange
241 يُدْحِضُ د ح ض to refute
242 دَحَىٰ د ح و to spread
243 دَخَلَ د خ ل to enter
244 يَدْرَؤُا۟ د ر ا to avert, to repel, to prevent
245 نَسْتَدْرِجُ د ر ج to gradually lead
246 دَرَسُ د ر س to study, to learn
247 أَدْرَكَ د ر ك to overtake, to grasp
248 أَدْرَىٰ د ر ي to make known
249 يَدُسُّ د س س to bury
250 دَسَّىٰ د س و to bury
251 يَدُعُّ د ع ع to thrust, to repulse
252 دَعَا د ع و to call, to invite, to pray
253 دَفَعْ د ف ع to defend, to deliver, to repel
254 دُكَّتِ د ك ك to crush, to level
255 دَلَّ د ل ل to indicate, to show, to direct
256 أَدْلَىٰ د ل و to present, to let down
257 دَمْدَمَ د م د م to destroy
258 دَمَّرَ د م ر to destroy
259 يَدْمَغُ د م غ to break
260 دَنَا د ن و to approach, to draw
261 يُدْهِنُ د ه ن to compromise
262 تَدُورُ د و ر to revolve
263 نُدَاوِلُ د و ل to alternate
264 دَامُ د و م to be as long as
265 يَدِينُ د ي ن to acknowledge
266 ذُبِحَ ذ ب ح to slaughter, to sacrifice
267 تَدَّخِرُ ذ خ ر to store
268 ذَرَأَ ذ ر ا to create, to produce, to multiply
269 تَذْرُو ذ ر و to scatter
270 ذَكَرَ ذ ك ر to remember, to mention
271 ذَكَّيْ ذ ك و to slaughter
272 ذُلِّلَتْ ذ ل ل to tame
273 ذَهَبَ ذ ه ب to go, to take away
274 تَذْهَلُ ذ ه ل to forget
275 تَذُودَ ذ و د to keep back
276 ذَاقُ ذ و ق to taste
277 أَذَاعُ ذ ي ع to spread
278 رَءَا ر ا ي to see
279 رَبِحَت ر ب ح to profit
280 تَرَبَّصْ ر ب ص to await
281 رَّبَطْ ر ب ط to strengthen, to make firm
282 رَبَتْ ر ب و to increase, to swell
283 يَرْتَعْ ر ت ع to enjoy
284 رَتَّلْ ر ت ل to recite
285 رُجَّتِ ر ج ج to shake
286 رَجَعَ ر ج ع to return
287 تَرْجُفُ ر ج ف to quake
288 رَجَمْ ر ج م to stone
289 يَرْجُوا۟ ر ج و to hope, to expect, to desire
290 رَحُبَتْ ر ح ب to be vast
291 رَّحِمَ ر ح م to have mercy
292 رَدَّ ر د د to turn back, to return
293 رَدِفَ ر د ف to be close behind
294 أَرْدَىٰ ر د ي to ruin
295 رَزَقَ ر ز ق to provide
296 أَرْسَلَ ر س ل to send
297 أَرْسَىٰ ر س و to make
298 يَرْشُدُ ر ش د to be led aright
299 أَرْضَعَتْ ر ض ع to nurse, to suckle
300 رَّضِىَ ر ض و to be pleased
301 رَعَ ر ع ي to pasture, to observe
302 يَرْغَبُ ر غ ب to desire, to prefer
303 رَفَعَ ر ف ع to raise
304 ٱرْتَقِبْ ر ق ب to watch
305 تَرْقَىٰ ر ق ي to ascend
306 رَكِبَ ر ك ب to ride, to embark
307 أَرْكَسَ ر ك س to cast back, to plunge
308 يَرْكُضُ ر ك ض to flee, to strike
309 يَرْكَعُ ر ك ع to bow
310 يَرْكُمَ ر ك م to heap
311 تَرْكَنُ ر ك ن to incline
312 رَمَىٰ ر م ي to throw, to accuse
313 يَرْهَبُ ر ه ب to fear
314 يَرْهَقُ ر ه ق to cover
315 تُرِيحُ ر و ح to bring
316 أَرَادَ ر و د to intend, to desire, to want, to wish
317 رَاغَ ر و غ to turn
318 ٱرْتَابَ ر ي ب to doubt
319 رَانَ ر ي ن to cover
320 ٱزْدُجِرَ ز ج ر to repell
321 يُزْجِى ز ج و to drive
322 زُحْزِحَ ز ح ز ح to draw away
323 تَزْرَعُ ز ر ع to plant, to sow
324 تَزْدَرِىٓ ز ر ي to look down
325 زَعَمَ ز ع م to claim
326 يَزِفُّ ز ف ف to hasten
327 زَكَّىٰ ز ك و to purify
328 زُلْزِلُ ز ل ز ل to shake
329 أُزْلِفَتْ ز ل ف to bring near
330 يُزْلِقُ ز ل ق to make slip
331 زَلَلْ ز ل ل to slip
332 يَزْنُ ز ن ي to commit adultery
333 زَهَقَ ز ه ق to depart, to perish
334 زُوِّجَتْ ز و ج to marry, to be paired
335 تَزَوَّدُ ز و د to take provision
336 زُرْ ز و ر to visit
337 زَالَ ز و ل to cease
338 زَادَ ز ي د to increase
339 زَاغَ ز ي غ to deviate, to turn away, to swerve
340 زَالَت ز ي ل to cease
341 زَيَّنَ ز ي ن to make fair-seeming
342 سَأَلَ س ا ل to ask
343 يَسْـَٔمُ س ا م to tire
344 يَسُبُّ س ب ب to insult
345 يَسْبِتُ س ب ت to have Sabbath
346 سَبَّحَ س ب ح to glorify, to praise
347 أَسْبَغَ س ب غ to bestow
348 سَبَقَ س ب ق to precede
349 تَسْتَتِرُ س ت ر to cover
350 سَجَدَ س ج د to prostrate
351 يُسْجَرُ س ج ر to burn
352 يُسْجَنَ س ج ن to imprison
353 سَجَىٰ س ج و to cover with darkness
354 يُسْحَبُ س ح ب to drag
355 يُسْحِتَ س ح ت to destroy
356 سَحَرُ س ح ر to bewitch, to delude
357 سَخَّرَ س خ ر to subject, to impose
358 سَخِطَ س خ ط to anger, to enrage
359 سَرِّحُ س ر ح to release
360 أَسَرَّ س ر ر to conceal
361 يُسَٰرِعُ س ر ع to hasten
362 أَسْرَفَ س ر ف to be extravagant, to exceed, to transgress
363 سَرَقَ س ر ق to steal
364 أَسْرَىٰ س ر ي to travel, to take
365 سُطِحَتْ س ط ح to spread out
366 يَسْطُرُ س ط ر to write
367 يَسْطُ س ط و to attack
368 سُعِدُ س ع د to be glad
369 سُعِّرَتْ س ع ر to set ablaze
370 سَعَىٰ س ع ي to strive, to run
371 أَسْفَرَ س ف ر to brighten
372 نَسْفَعًۢ س ف ع to drag
373 يَسْفِكُ س ف ك to shed
374 سَفِهَ س ف ه to fool
375 سُقِطَ س ق ط to fall, to regret
376 سَقَىٰ س ق ي to water, to give drink
377 سَكَتَ س ك ت to calm
378 سُكِّرَتْ س ك ر to dazzle
379 سَكَنَ س ك ن to dwell, to live, to rest
380 يَسْلُبْ س ل ب to snatch away
381 ٱنسَلَخَ س ل خ to pass, to detach
382 سَلَّطَ س ل ط to give power
383 سَلَفَ س ل ف to pass (before)
384 سَلَقُ س ل ق to smite
385 سَلَكَ س ل ك to insert, to make enter
386 يَتَسَلَّلُ س ل ل to slip away
387 أَسْلَمَ س ل م to submit
388 سَمِعَ س م ع to hear, to listen
389 يُسْمِنُ س م ن to nourish
390 سَمَّىٰ س م و to name
391 يَتَسَنَّهْ س ن ه to change with time
392 سَاهَمَ س ه م to draw
393 سَآءَ س و ا to be evil
394 ٱسْوَدَّتْ س و د to become black
395 تَسَوَّرُ س و ر to climb over
396 يُسِيغُ س و غ to swallow
397 سِيقَ س و ق to drive
398 سَوَّلَ س و ل to entice, to suggest
399 يَسُومُ س و م to afflict
400 ٱسْتَوَىٰٓ س و ي to be equal, to be alike, to establish
401 سِيحُ س ي ح to move about
402 سَارَ س ي ر to travel
403 سَالَتْ س ي ل to flow
404 تَشَٰبَهَ ش ب ه to look alike, to seem alike
405 شَجَرَ ش ج ر to arise
406 تَشْخَصُ ش خ ص to stare
407 شَدَدْ ش د د to strengthen
408 شَرِبَ ش ر ب to drink
409 شَرَحَ ش ر ح to expand, to open
410 شَرِّدْ ش ر د to disperse
411 شَرَعَ ش ر ع to ordain
412 أَشْرَقَتِ ش ر ق to shine
413 أَشْرَكَ ش ر ك to associate partners
414 ٱشْتَرَىٰ ش ر ي to buy, to purchase, to exchange
415 تُشْطِطْ ش ط ط to be unjust
416 يَشْعُرُ ش ع ر to perceive, to realize
417 ٱشْتَعَلَ ش ع ل to flare
418 شَغَفَ ش غ ف to impassion
419 شَغَلَتْ ش غ ل to keep busy
420 يَشْفَعُ ش ف ع to intercede
421 أَشْفَقْ ش ف ق to fear, to be afraid
422 يَشْفِ ش ف ي to heal, to cure
423 شَآقُّ ش ق ق to oppose
424 شَقُ ش ق و to suffer, to be wretched, to be distressed
425 شَكَرَ ش ك ر to be grateful, to give thanks
426 أَشْكُوا۟ ش ك و to complain
427 تُشْمِتْ ش م ت to rejoice
428 ٱشْمَأَزَّتْ ش م ز to shrink with aversion
429 ٱشْتَمَلَتْ ش م ل to contain
430 شَهِدَ ش ه د to testify, to bear witness
431 ٱشْتَهَتْ ش ه و to desire
432 شَاوِرْ ش و ر to consult
433 يَشْوِى ش و ي to scald
434 شَآءَ ش ي ا to will, to wish
435 تَشِيعَ ش ي ع to spread
436 صَبَّ ص ب ب to pour
437 أَصْبَحَ ص ب ح to become
438 صَبَرَ ص ب ر to be patient
439 أَصْبُ ص ب و to incline
440 تُصَٰحِبْ ص ح ب to keep company
441 صَدَّ ص د د to turn away, to avert, to hinder
442 يَصْدُرُ ص د ر to proceed
443 ٱصْدَعْ ص د ع to proclaim
444 صَدَفَ ص د ف to turn away
445 صَدَقَ ص د ق to be truthful, to fulfill
446 تَصَدَّىٰ ص د ي to give attention
447 يَصْطَرِخُ ص ر خ to cry
448 أَصَرُّ ص ر ر to persist
449 صَرَفَ ص ر ف to divert, to turn away
450 يَصْرِمُ ص ر م to pluck
451 يَصْعَدُ ص ع د to ascend
452 تُصَعِّرْ ص ع ر to turn
453 صَعِقَ ص ع ق to faint, to fall dead
454 صَغَتْ ص غ و to incline
455 يَصْفَحُ ص ف ح to overlook
456 ٱصْطَفَىٰ ص ف و to choose
457 صَكَّتْ ص ك ك to strike
458 يُصَلَّبُ ص ل ب to crucify
459 أَصْلَحَ ص ل ح to correct, to reform, to improve, to make peace
460 صَلَّىٰ ص ل و to pray, to bless
461 يَصْلَى ص ل ي to burn
462 صَمُّ ص م م to become deaf
463 صَنَعُ ص ن ع to make, to construct, to do
464 يُصْهَرُ ص ه ر to melt
465 أَصَابَ ص و ب to strike, to befall, to bestow
466 صَوَّرَ ص و ر to form, to fashion, to shape
467 يَصُمْ ص و م to fast
468 ٱصْطَادُ ص ي د to hunt
469 تَصِيرُ ص ي ر to reach
470 ضَحِكَتْ ض ح ك to laugh
471 تَضْحَىٰ ض ح و to expose
472 ضَرَبَ ض ر ب to strike, to set forth
473 يَضُرَّ ض ر ر to harm
474 يَتَضَرَّعُ ض ر ع to humble
475 يُضَٰعِفُ ض ع ف to double, to multiply
476 أَضَلَّ ض ل ل to let go astray, to mislead
477 ٱضْمُمْ ض م م to draw (near)
478 يُضَٰهِـُٔ ض ه ا to imitate
479 أَضَآءَ ض و ا to light, to flash, to glow
480 أَضَاعُ ض ي ع to let go waste, to neglect
481 يُضَيِّفُ ض ي ف to offer hospitality
482 ضَاقَ ض ي ق to straiten
483 طَبَعَ ط ب ع to seal
484 طَحَىٰ ط ح و to spread
485 ٱطْرَحُ ط ر ح to cast
486 طَرَد ط ر د to send away, to drive away
487 أَطْعَمَ ط ع م to feed
488 طَعَنُ ط ع ن to defame
489 طَغَىٰ ط غ ي to transgress, to overflow
490 أَطْفَأَ ط ف ا to extinguish, to put out
491 طَفِقَ ط ف ق to begin
492 يَطْلُبُ ط ل ب to seek
493 طَّلَعَ ط ل ع to look
494 طَلَّقَ ط ل ق to divorce
495 يَطْمِثْ ط م ث to touch
496 طُمِسَتْ ط م س to blind, to destory, to obliterate
497 يَطْمَعُ ط م ع to hope, to desire
498 ٱطْمَأَنَّ ط م ن to be satisfied, to be secure, to be content
499 طَهَّرَ ط ه ر to purify
500 أَطَاعَ ط و ع to obey
501 طَافَ ط و ف to circulate, to go around
502 يُطَوَّقُ ط و ق to encircle the neck
503 طَالَ ط و ل to prolong, to grow long
504 نَطْوِى ط و ي to fold
505 طَابَ ط ي ب to seem suitable, to remit, to do well
506 ٱطَّيَّرْ ط ي ر to ascribe an evil omen
507 أَظْفَرَ ظ ف ر to give victory
508 ظَلَّ ظ ل ل to continue, to remain
509 ظَلَمَ ظ ل م to oppress, to wrong
510 تَظْمَؤُا۟ ظ م ا to suffer from thirst
511 ظَنَّ ظ ن ن to think, to assume, to guess
512 ظَهَرَ ظ ه ر to appear, to become manifest
513 يَعْبَؤُا۟ ع ب ا to care
514 تَعْبَثُ ع ب ث to be amused
515 عَبَدَ ع ب د to worship
516 تَعْبُرُ ع ب ر to interpret
517 عَبَسَ ع ب س to frown
518 يَسْتَعْتِبُ ع ت ب to ask for favor
519 أَعْتَدَتْ ع ت د to prepare
520 ٱعْتِلُ ع ت ل to drag
521 عَتَ ع ت و to be insolent, to exceed, to rebell
522 عُثِرَ ع ث ر to discover
523 تَعْثَ ع ث و to act wickedly, to commit evil
524 أَعْجَبَ ع ج ب to please, to impress
525 يُعْجِزَ ع ج ز to escape
526 ٱسْتَعْجَلَ ع ج ل to seek to hasten
527 أَعَدَّ ع د د to prepare
528 عَدَلَ ع د ل to be just
529 ٱعْتَدَىٰ ع د و to transgress
530 عَذَّبَ ع ذ ب to punish
531 يَعْتَذِرُ ع ذ ر to make excuse
532 يَعْرُجُ ع ر ج to ascend
533 يَعْرِشُ ع ر ش to erect, to construct
534 أَعْرَضَ ع ر ض to turn away
535 عَرَفَ ع ر ف to know, to recognize
536 ٱعْتَرَىٰ ع ر و to seize
537 تَعْرَىٰ ع ر ي to unclothe
538 يَعْزُبُ ع ز ب to escape
539 عَزَّرُ ع ز ر to honour, to assist
540 عَزَّ ع ز ز to overpower
541 ٱعْتَزَلَ ع ز ل to withdraw, to leave, to keep away
542 عَزَمَ ع ز م to resolve, to decide, to determine
543 تَعَاسَرْ ع س ر to disagree
544 عَسْعَسَ ع س ع س to depart
545 عَسَى ع س ي to perhaps
546 عَاشِرُ ع ش ر to live
547 يَعْشُ ع ش و to turn away
548 يَعْصِرُ ع ص ر to press
549 ٱعْتَصَمُ ع ص م to hold fast
550 عَصَا ع ص ي to disobey
551 عَضُّ ع ض ض to bite
552 تَعْضُلُ ع ض ل to hinder, to constrain
553 عُطِّلَتْ ع ط ل to leave untended
554 أَعْطَىٰ ع ط و to give
555 يُعَظِّمْ ع ظ م to honor
556 يَسْتَعْفِفْ ع ف ف to refrain, to be chaste
557 عَفَا ع ف و to forgive, to pardon
558 عَاقَبَ ع ق ب to retaliate
559 عَقَدَتْ ع ق د to pledge
560 عَقَرَ ع ق ر to hamstrung
561 عَقَلُ ع ق ل to understand, to reason
562 يَعْكُفُ ع ك ف to devote
563 عَلِمَ ع ل م to know
564 أَعْلَن ع ل ن to declare, to reveal, to proclaim
565 تَعَٰلَىٰ ع ل و to be exalted, to be high
566 تَعَمَّدَتْ ع م د to intend
567 يُعَمَّرُ ع م ر to grant life
568 عَمِلَ ع م ل to do, to work
569 يَعْمَهُ ع م ه to wander blindly
570 عَمِىَ ع م ي to be blind
571 عَنِ ع ن ت to suffer, to be distressed
572 عَنَتِ ع ن و to be humbled
573 عَٰهَدَ ع ه د to make a covenant
574 عَادَ ع و د to return
575 عُذْ ع و ذ to seek refuge
576 تَعُولُ ع و ل to oppress
577 ٱسْتَعِينُ ع و ن to seek help
578 أَعِيبَ ع ي ب to cause defect
579 عَيِي ع ي ي to tire
580 يُغَادِرُ غ د ر to leave behind
581 غَدَ غ د و to leave early
582 غَرَبَت غ ر ب to set
583 غَرَّ غ ر ر to deceive, to delude
584 ٱغْتَرَفَ غ ر ف to take
585 أُغْرِقُ غ ر ق to drown
586 أَغْرَيْ غ ر و to overpower, to arouse
587 ٱغْسِلُ غ س ل to wash
588 غَشِيَ غ ش و to cover
589 غَضِبَ غ ض ب to be angry
590 يَغُضُّ غ ض ض to lower
591 أَغْطَشَ غ ط ش to darken
592 غَفَرَ غ ف ر to forgive
593 تَغْفُلُ غ ف ل to neglect
594 غَلَبُ غ ل ب to overcome, to defeat
595 ٱغْلُظْ غ ل ظ to be stern
596 غَلَّقَتِ غ ل ق to close
597 غَلَّ غ ل ل to defraud, to chain, to shackle
598 تَغْلُو غ ل و to exceed
599 يَغْلِى غ ل ي to boil
600 يَتَغَامَزُ غ م ز to wink
601 تُغْمِضُ غ م ض to close
602 غَنِمْ غ ن م to take as war booty
603 أَغْنَتْ غ ن ي to avail, to enrich
604 ٱسْتَغَٰثَ غ و ث to seek help
605 يَغُوصُ غ و ص to dive
606 أَغْوَيْ غ و ي to mislead, to lead astray
607 يَغْتَب غ ي ب to backbite
608 يُغَاثُ غ ي ث to be given rain
609 يُغَيِّرُ غ ي ر to change
610 غِيضَ غ ي ض to subside, to fall short
611 يَغِيظُ غ ي ظ to anger, to enrage
612 تَفْتَؤُا۟ ف ت ا to cease
613 فَتَحَ ف ت ح to open, to give victory
614 يَفْتُرُ ف ت ر to invent
615 فَتَقْ ف ت ق to part
616 فَتَنُ ف ت ن to persecute, to test, to try
617 يَسْتَفْتُ ف ت ي to seek ruling, to inquire, to ask
618 فُجِّرَتْ ف ج ر to cause gush
619 ٱفْتَدَىٰ ف د ي to offer ransom
620 فُرِجَتْ ف ر ج to be cleft asunder
621 فَرِحَ ف ر ح to rejoice
622 فَرَّتْ ف ر ر to flee
623 فَرَشْ ف ر ش to spread
624 فَرَضَ ف ر ض to specify, to ordain, to make obligatory
625 فَرَّط ف ر ط to neglect, to fail
626 أَفْرِغْ ف ر غ to pour
627 فَرَّقُ ف ر ق to differentiate, to make distinction
628 ٱفْتَرَىٰ ف ر ي to invent
629 يَسْتَفِزَّ ف ز ز to incite, to scare, to drive out
630 فَزِعَ ف ز ع to be terrified, to be afraid
631 يَفْسَحِ ف س ح to make room
632 أَفْسَدُ ف س د to cause corruption
633 فَسَقَ ف س ق to disobey defiantly
634 فَشِلْ ف ش ل to lose courage
635 فَصَّلَ ف ص ل to make clear, to explain in detail
636 تَفْضَحُ ف ض ح to shame
637 ٱنفَضُّ ف ض ض to rush, to disperse
638 فَضَّلَ ف ض ل to bestow, to prefer, to favor
639 أَفْضَىٰ ف ض و to go
640 فَطَرَ ف ط ر to create
641 فَعَلَ ف ع ل to do
642 تَفْقِدُ ف ق د to miss
643 يَفْقَهُ ف ق ه to understand
644 يَتَفَكَّرُ ف ك ر to ponder, to reflect
645 تَفَكَّهُ ف ك ه to wonder
646 أَفْلَحَ ف ل ح to succeed
647 ٱنفَلَقَ ف ل ق to part
648 تُفَنِّدُ ف ن د to weaken in mind
649 فَهَّمْ ف ه م to give understanding
650 فَاتَ ف و ت to escape
651 فَارَ ف و ر to overflow, to gush forth, to boil up
652 فَازَ ف و ز to be successful, to attain
653 أُفَوِّضُ ف و ض to entrust
654 أَفَاقَ ف و ق to recover
655 فَآءُ ف ي ا to return
656 أَفَاضَ ف ي ض to depart
657 أَقْبَرَ ق ب ر to provide a grave
658 نَقْتَبِسْ ق ب س to acquire
659 قَبَضْ ق ب ض to withhold, to withdraw, to close
660 تَقَبَّلَ ق ب ل to accept
661 يَقْتُرُ ق ت ر to be stingy
662 قَتَلَ ق ت ل to kill
663 ٱقْتَحَمَ ق ح م to attempt
664 قُدَّ ق د د to tear
665 قَدَرَ ق د ر to restrict, to control, to have power
666 نُقَدِّسُ ق د س to sanctify
667 قَدَّمَ ق د م to send forth, to offer
668 ٱقْتَدِهْ ق د و to follow
669 قَذَفَ ق ذ ف to cast, to throw, to hurl
670 قَرَأَ ق ر ا to read, to recite
671 يَقْرَبُ ق ر ب to approach, to go near
672 تَقَرَّ ق ر ر to cool, to comfort
673 أَقْرَضُ ق ر ض to lend, to loan
674 ٱقْتَرَفْ ق ر ف to commit, to acquire, to earn
675 تُقْسِطُ ق س ط to be just
676 أَقْسَمُ ق س م to swear
677 قَسَتْ ق س و to harden
678 تَقْشَعِرُّ ق ش ع ر to shiver
679 ٱقْصِدْ ق ص د to be moderate
680 تَقْصُرُ ق ص ر to shorten
681 قَصَّ ق ص ص to narrate
682 قَصَمْ ق ص م to shatter
683 يَنقَضَّ ق ض ض to collapse
684 قَضَىٰٓ ق ض ي to decree, to decide, to judge
685 قُطِعَ ق ط ع to cut
686 قَعَدَ ق ع د to sit
687 قَفَّيْ ق ف و to send, to follow
688 ٱنقَلَبَ ق ل ب to turn back, to return
689 أَقْلِعِ ق ل ع to withhold
690 قَلَّ ق ل ل to be little
691 قَلَىٰ ق ل ي to be displeased
692 يَقْنُتْ ق ن ت to be obedient
693 قَنَطُ ق ن ط to despair
694 تَقْهَرْ ق ه ر to oppress
695 قَالَ ق و ل to say
696 أَقَامَ ق و م to establish
697 قَيَّضْ ق ي ض to appoint, to destine
698 كُبَّتْ ك ب ب to cast
699 كُبِتَ ك ب ت to be disgraced
700 ٱسْتَكْبَرَ ك ب ر to be arrogant
701 كُبْكِبُ ك ب ك ب to overturn
702 كَتَبَ ك ت ب to write, to prescribe, to ordain
703 كَتَمَ ك ت م to conceal, to hide
704 ٱسْتَكْثَرْ ك ث ر to multiply, to acquire more
705 ٱنكَدَرَتْ ك د ر to fall and lose luster
706 أَكْدَىٰٓ ك د ي to withhold
707 كَذَّبَ ك ذ ب to deny, to reject
708 أَكْرَمَ ك ر م to honor, to make comfortable, to be generous
709 كَرِهَ ك ر ه to dislike, to hate
710 كَسَبَ ك س ب to earn
711 كَسَوْ ك س و to clothe, to cover
712 كُشِطَتْ ك ش ط to strip away
713 كَشَفَ ك ش ف to remove, to uncover
714 كَفَرَ ك ف ر to disbelieve
715 كَفَّ ك ف ف to restrain, to withhold, to avert
716 يَكْفُلُ ك ف ل to take charge, to nurse, to rear
717 كَفَىٰ ك ف ي to be sufficient
718 يَكْلَؤُ ك ل ا to protect
719 يُكَلِّفُ ك ل ف to burden
720 كَلَّمَ ك ل م to speak
721 أَكْمَلْ ك م ل to perfect, to complete
722 كَنَزْ ك ن ز to hoard
723 أَكْنَن ك ن ن to conceal
724 كَادَ ك و د to be near, to nearly do, to almost do
725 كُوِّرَتْ ك و ر to wrap
726 كَانَ ك و ن to be
727 تُكْوَىٰ ك و ي to brand
728 كِيدُ ك ي د to scheme, to plot, to plan
729 كَالُ ك ي ل to measure
730 ٱسْتَكَانُ ك ي ن to give in, to submit
731 لَبِثَ ل ب ث to remain, to stay, to hesitate, to delay
732 لَبَسْ ل ب س to obscure, to confuse, to mix, to wear
733 لَّجُّ ل ج ج to persist
734 يُلْحِدُ ل ح د to deviate, to distort
735 أَلْحَقْ ل ح ق to join
736 تَلَذُّ ل ذ ذ to delight
737 أَلْزَمَ ل ز م to compel, to make adhere
738 يَتَلَطَّفْ ل ط ف to be cautious
739 تَلَظَّىٰ ل ظ ي to blaze
740 يَلْعَبْ ل ع ب to play
741 لَعَنَ ل ع ن to curse
742 ٱلْغَ ل غ و to make noise
743 يَلْتَفِتْ ل ف ت to look back
744 تَلْفَحُ ل ف ح to burn
745 يَلْفِظُ ل ف ظ to utter
746 ٱلْتَفَّتِ ل ف ف to wind
747 أَلْفَ ل ف و to find
748 ٱلْتَقَطَ ل ق ط to pick
749 تَلْقَفُ ل ق ف to swallow
750 ٱلْتَقَمَ ل ق م to swallow
751 أَلْقَىٰٓ ل ق ي to cast, to throw, to meet, to offer
752 يَلْمِزُ ل م ز to criticize, to insult
753 لَمَسُ ل م س to touch, to have contact
754 لُمَّ ل م م to bring forward, to come
755 يَلْهَثْ ل ه ث to loll the tongue
756 أَلْهَمَ ل ه م to inspire
757 أَلْهَىٰ ل ه و to distract, to divert
758 لَاتَ ل و ت to not be
759 لُمْ ل و م to blame
760 يَلْ ل و ي to distort
761 يَلِتْ ل ي ت to deprive
762 لَّيْسَ ل ي س to not be
763 لِن ل ي ن to deal gently, to relax
764 مَّتَّعْ م ت ع to grant, to bestow, to provide
765 تَمَثَّلَ م ث ل to assume a likeness
766 يُمَحِّصَ م ح ص to purify, to purge
767 يَمْحَقُ م ح ق to destroy
768 ٱمْتَحَنَ م ح ن to test, to examine
769 مَحَوْ م ح و to eliminate, to erase
770 مَدَّ م د د to spread, to extend, to prolong
771 مَرَجَ م ر ج to release
772 تَمْرَحُ م ر ح to be insolent
773 مَرَدُ م ر د to persist
774 مَرَّ م ر ر to pass, to continue
775 مَرِضْ م ر ض to be ill
776 يَمْتَرُ م ر ي to dispute, to doubt
777 مُزِّقْ م ز ق to disintegrate, to disperse
778 ٱمْسَحُ م س ح to wipe
779 مَسَخْ م س خ to transform
780 مَسَّ م س س to touch
781 أَمْسَكَ م س ك to retain, to withhold
782 تُمْسُ م س و to reach evening
783 مَّشَ م ش ي to walk
784 مَضَىٰ م ض ي to go on, to continue, to pass
785 أُمْطِرَتْ م ط ر to shower, to send rain
786 يَتَمَطَّىٰٓ م ط و to swagger
787 مَكَثَ م ك ث to stay, to remain
788 مَكَرَ م ك ر to plot, to scheme, to plan
789 مَكَّ م ك ن to establish
790 مُلِئَتْ م ل ا to fill
791 مَلَكَتْ م ل ك to possess, to have power
792 يُمِلَّ م ل ل to dictate
793 أَمْلَىٰ م ل و to give respite
794 مَّنَعَ م ن ع to prevent
795 مَنَّ م ن ن to favor
796 يَتَمَنَّ م ن ي to wish
797 يَمْهَدُ م ه د to prepare
798 مَهِّلِ م ه ل to give respite
799 مَّاتَ م و ت to die
800 يَمُوجُ م و ج to surge
801 تَمُورُ م و ر to shake, to sway
802 تَمِيدَ م ي د to shake
803 نَمِيرُ م ي ر to get provision
804 يَمِيزَ م ي ز to sepearte, to distinguish, to stand apart
805 يَمِيلُ م ي ل to deviate, to assult, to incline
806 نَـَٔا ن ا ي to distance, to become remote, to keep away
807 نَبَّأَ ن ب ا to inform
808 أَنۢبَتَ ن ب ت to make grow
809 نَبَذَ ن ب ذ to throw, to cast
810 تَنَابَزُ ن ب ز to call
811 يَسْتَنۢبِطُ ن ب ط to draw correct conclusion
812 نَتَقْ ن ت ق to raise
813 ٱنتَثَرَتْ ن ث ر to scatter
814 نَجَّىٰ ن ج و to save, to deliver
815 يَنْحِتُ ن ح ت to carve
816 ٱنْحَرْ ن ح ر to sacrifice
817 نَادَىٰ ن د و to call
818 أَنذَرَ ن ذ ر to warn
819 نَزَعَ ن ز ع to take way, to remove, to withdraw
820 نَّزَغَ ن ز غ to cause discord
821 يُنزَفُ ن ز ف to be intoxicated
822 أَنزَلَ ن ز ل to send down, to reveal
823 يَنسَخُ ن س خ to abolish, to abrogate
824 نُسِفَتْ ن س ف to scatter, to blow away, to blast
825 يَنسِلُ ن س ل to descend, to hasten
826 نَسِىَ ن س ي to forget
827 أَنشَأَ ن ش ا to produce, to raise
828 نُشِرَتْ ن ش ر to spread, to lay open
829 ٱنشُزُ ن ش ز to rise
830 نُصِبَتْ ن ص ب to be fixed, to labour
831 أَنصِتُ ن ص ت to listen, to play attention
832 نَصَحُ ن ص ح to advise
833 نَصَرَ ن ص ر to help
834 نَضِجَتْ ن ض ج to roast
835 يَنطِقُ ن ط ق to speak
836 نَّظَرَ ن ظ ر to look, to see
837 يَنْعِقُ ن ع ق to shout
838 نِعْمَ ن ع م to be excellent
839 يُنْغِضُ ن غ ض to shake
840 نَفَخَ ن ف خ to blow, to breathe
841 نَفِدَ ن ف د to be exhausted
842 تَنفُذُ ن ف ذ to pass
843 نَفَرَ ن ف ر to go forth
844 تَنَفَّسَ ن ف س to breathe
845 نَفَشَتْ ن ف ش to pasture
846 نَفَعَ ن ف ع to profit, to benifit
847 أَنفَقَ ن ف ق to spend
848 يُنفَ ن ف ي to exile
849 نَقَّبُ ن ق ب to explore
850 أَنقَذَ ن ق ذ to save
851 نُقِرَ ن ق ر to blow
852 يُنقَصُ ن ق ص to decrease, to reduce, to lessen
853 نَقَضَتْ ن ق ض to break
854 ٱنتَقَمْ ن ق م to take retribution
855 نَّكَثَ ن ك ث to break (oath)
856 نَكَحَ ن ك ح to marry
857 يُنكِرُ ن ك ر to deny
858 نُكِسُ ن ك س to turn
859 نَكَصَ ن ك ص to turn
860 ٱسْتَنكَفُ ن ك ف to disdain
861 تَنْهَرْ ن ه ر to repel
862 نَهَىٰ ن ه ي to forbid
863 تَنُوٓأُ ن و ا to burden
864 أَنَابَ ن و ب to turn
865 يَنَالُ ن ي ل to reach
866 هَاتُ ه ا ت to bring
867 يَهْبِطُ ه ب ط to go down
868 تَهَجَّدْ ه ج د to arise from sleep for prayer
869 هَاجَرَ ه ج ر to emigrate
870 يَهْجَعُ ه ج ع to sleep
871 هُدِّمَتْ ه د م to demolish
872 هَدَى ه د ي to guide
873 يُهْرَعُ ه ر ع to rush, to hasten
874 ٱسْتُهْزِئَ ه ز ا to mock, to ridicule
875 ٱهْتَزَّتْ ه ز ز to stir, to move
876 هَزَمُ ه ز م to defeat
877 أَهُشُّ ه ش ش to bring down leaves
878 أَهْلَكَ ه ل ك to destroy
879 أُهِلَّ ه ل ل to to be dedicated
880 هَمَّ ه م م to determine, to plan, to plot, to desire
881 هَادُ ه و د to be Jewish
882 ٱنْهَارَ ه و ر to collapse
883 أَهَٰنَ ه و ن to humiliate
884 هَوَىٰ ه و ي to desire
885 يُهَيِّئْ ه ي ا to facilitate
886 هَيْتَ ه ي ت to Come on
887 يَهِيجُ ه ي ج to wither, to dry
888 يَهِيمُ ه ي م to roam
889 يُوبِقْ و ب ق to destroy
890 يَتِرَ و ت ر to deprive
891 وَاثَقَ و ث ق to bound
892 وَجَبَتْ و ج ب to be down
893 وَجَدَ و ج د to find
894 أَوْجَسَ و ج س to feel, to sense
895 أَوْجَفْ و ج ف to make expedition
896 وَجِلَتْ و ج ل to feel fear, to be afraid
897 وَجَّهْ و ج ه to direct, to turn
898 أَوْحَىٰٓ و ح ي to reveal, to inspire
899 وَدَّ و د د to love, to wish
900 دَعْ و د ع to disregard
901 يَذَرَ و ذ ر to leave, to forsake
902 وَرِثَ و ر ث to inherit
903 وَرَدَ و ر د to come
904 وُۥرِىَ و ر ي to hide, to conceal, to cover
905 يَزِرُ و ز ر to bear
906 يُوزَعُ و ز ع to set in rows
907 وَّزَنُ و ز ن to weigh
908 وَسَطْ و س ط to penetrate the center
909 وَسِعَ و س ع to encompass, to extend
910 وَسَقَ و س ق to envelops
911 نَسِمُ و س م to brand
912 وَسْوَسَ و س و س to whisper
913 يَصِفُ و ص ف to attribute, to ascribe
914 يَصِلُ و ص ل to join, to reach
915 وَصَّىٰ و ص ي to enjoin
916 وَضَعَ و ض ع to deliver, to give birth
917 يَطَـُٔ و ط ا to step, to trod, to trample
918 وَعَدَ و ع د to promise
919 وَعَظْ و ع ظ to instruct, to advise, to preach
920 أَوْعَىٰٓ و ع ي to hoard, to keep
921 يُوفِضُ و ف ض to hasten
922 يُوَفِّقِ و ف ق to cause reconciliation
923 تَوَفَّىٰ و ف ي to pass away, to die
924 وَقَبَ و ق ب to spread
925 أُقِّتَتْ و ق ت to be gathered to an appointed time
926 أَوْقَدُ و ق د to kindle, to heat, to ignite, to light
927 تُوَقِّرُ و ق ر to respect
928 وَقَعَ و ق ع to fall, to occur, to fulfill
929 وُقِفُ و ق ف to make stand
930 ٱتَّقَىٰ و ق ي to be righteous, to fear (Allah)
931 أَتَوَكَّؤُا۟ و ك ا to lean
932 وَكَزَ و ك ز to strike
933 تَوَكَّلْ و ك ل to put trust
934 يُولِجُ و ل ج to cause enter
935 وَلَدَ و ل د to beget, to be born
936 تَوَلَّىٰ و ل ي to turn
937 تَنِيَ و ن ي to slacken
938 وَهَبَ و ه ب to grant, to bestow
939 وَهَنَ و ه ن to weaken
940 يَئِسَ ي ا س to despair
941 يَسَّرَ ي س ر to make easy
942 يُوقِنُ ي ق ن to believe firmly
943 تَيَمَّمُ ي م م to aim, to do tayammum


  1. the difference is 52 words which are not known by researcher amazing
    that is not a good work, so meaning also may be differing
    according to sharia one should not highlight unless he/she sure of it

  2. Great Effort by Author. We need such people for Islam desperately

  3. Assalamu Alaikum dear brother Fazlul. I have tried to contact you previously. Are you kindly able to contact me urgently privately regarding some of the sterling work you have done on the verbs and other aspects on the Quran corpus.

    1. Wa Alaikum Salam. You can contact me via email quickestwaytoquran is my user name in gmail