Saturday, April 25, 2020

Quran Dictionary Download for Android Mobile

Quran Dictionary for Android Mobile 1.0

Ramadan Collection 2020

This Quran Dictionary has been developed to study the words and meanings of the Quran. All data has been taken from Quranic Arabic Corpus


  • Offline Quran Dictionary
  • All roots of Quranic words in alphabetical order
  • Frequency count of each root and derivative
  • Parts of speech tag
  • Serial Number of words in each entry
  • Words in context are marked RED
  • List of Lemmas with frequency
  • Lemma List by frequency and Parts of Speech Split
  • Quranic Arabic Verse and Verse Reference for each Lemma

Note: I got this app developed with personal initiative. Please report any bug and be kind to advise for new features. Please don't forget to pray for me and for the developer.